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Life Educational and Investment plans


1. Term Insurance


Term Insurance offers you the opportunity to have high coverage by paying a low premium, in case of loss of life from any cause.


It is aimed at those of you who would like to protect their family by paying a very low premium.


2. Educational Schemes


It is aimed at those of you who are interested in creating capital for their children’s studies through systematic savings.


EDUCATIONAL SCHEMES are flexible investment plan just like all the others. In addition, there are several other benefits that constitute this plan as a truly educational. The scheme will continue to pay the premium of the policy, in case of loss of life or total disablement of the Life Assured so that the policy continues until the child is 18. Also, in such a case we will pay immediately after the incident the difference between the Sum Assured and the value of the units (if any) as a lump sum to the Child. Moreover, there is no surrender value to the policy so that the child is the sole beneficiary.


At maturity, the child may choose to receive the money either as a lump sum or as yearly instalments. In case the child decides not to study then the amount is paid as a lump sum.


The minimum duration of the scheme is 10 years and the maximum is 21, giving you the flexibility to plan in advance the university education of your child.


3. Unit-Linked Schemes


The investment schemes are dynamic, flexible, and they respond to your current and future needs by providing you coverage for a wide range of economic needs that may arise such as, Protection of your family, Education of your children, Pension or any other future personal need.


All unit-linked insurance schemes provide the flexibility to allocate the premiums paid between the company’s three dynamic investment funds, which are carefully designed on the one hand to minimize investment risk and on the other to increase the possibility of a higher long term investment return.


Moreover, all unit-linked schemes offer you the following benefits to add optional premiums, Right to increase or decrease your premium depending on your needs, Right to surrender the policy, Free bonus units, A range of Supplementary Benefits to add, Tax Deductibility of premiums









4. Pension Plan


It is aimed at those of you who are interested in building up capital on long term basis, through systematic saving adding significantly to the pension provided by the Social Securities Fund at your retirement.


Pension plans connected with internal unit linked funds through which capital is build up for pension provision at the maturity or retirement of the annuitant.


At maturity the amount paid is the value of units, which is converted into a monthly pension.




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