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Private Combined

 Four Contracts in One.....

  • House

  • Motor

  • Personal Accident

  • Employer’s Liability

Through many years of experience, we respond to our customers’ needs effectively and efficiently. The knowledge, expertise and professionalism of our staff and associates add value to your choices!

Target Market...

The Private Combined Policy refers to individuals or married couples and provides cover for:

  • Permanent residence/holiday house

  • Private motor vehicles/motorcycles

  • Personal accident

  • Employer’s liability for domestic servants(optional)

Competitive Characteristics...

  • Extended/additional covers

  • Reduced premiums

  • Single Contract

  • Single renewal date

  • Single premium

  • Instant issue of covering note

  • Instant delivery of contract

House Insurance



  • Damage to the building and its contents, as a result of:

    • Fire

    • Theft

    • Lighting

    • Explosion

    • Earthquake

    • Storm

    • Impact

    • Flood

    • Impact by a road vehicle

    • Overflow or bursting of pipes

    • Malicious damage

    • Riots

  • Third Party Public Liability

  • Loss or damage to property of domestic servant(s)

  • Loss of rent or alternative accommodation

In case of damage...

  1. Immediate notice to the Company or any of its representatives

  2. Temporary measures to prevent further damage

  3. In case of theft, immediate notice to the Police

  4. Completion and submission of the claim form

Motor Insurance



  • Third Party* Comprehensive

  • Bodily injury to Third Parties

  • Damage to Third Party property

  • Road & accident assistance

  • Use beyond the road

  • Driving other cars**

  • Towing of trailer

  • Passengers’ liability

  • Natural perils

  • Own damage caused by road accident, fire or theft

  • Malicious damage

  • Windscreen

  • Loss of use

  • Personal belongings

*Compulsory by law for all motor vehicle owners/holders.
** Subject to conditions


Geographical Limits...

The policy provides cover for the use of the insured vehicle in any country member of the European Union.


In case of a road accident or damage to the vehicle…

  1. Immediate notice to the 24-hour road and accident assistance service

  2. Immediate notice to the police, if necessary

  3. Temporary measures to prevent further damage

Personal Accident Insurance...



The policy covers personal accidents resulting in:

  • Death

  • Permanent Total Disability

Geographical Limits...

24-hour, worldwide cover


In case of a personal accident…

  1. Immediate notice to the company or any of its representatives

  2. Completion and submission of the claim form

Employer’s Liability Insurance



The Employer’s Liability Policy covers the Insured’s domestic servant(s) during employment for:

  • Bodily Injury as a result of an industrial accident

  • Occupational disease arising from and in the course of the employment

In case of an industrial accident/ disease...

  1. Immediate notice to the Company or any of its representatives

  2. Notice to the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance

  3. Completion and submission of the claim form












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