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It is aimed at those of you who live or work in Cyprus and they want to have the best possible medical care anytime, anywhere.


The Characteristics of the Plan


Multicare International Health Plan was developed in association with AXA PPP healthcare, one of the largest health insurance companies of the UK with more than 60 years of experience and more than 2 million insured people all over the world.


Types of Cover


MultiCare International Health Plan is a diverse product with 4 different options, one of which is offered only to students. Primarily the annual maximum level of cover distinguishes the plans: Plan A has a yearly maximum of £1.000.000 per person; Plan B provides maximum cover of £40.000 per person and Plan C provides an overall annual maximum of £15.000 per person. StudentCare, that is offered to all students in Cyprus and abroad, has an annual limit of £35.000.


In all of our Plans, customers can choose between the Comprehensive level of cover that will give them benefits for both In-patient and Out-patient expenses and the Standard cover which covers In Patient benefits only.


A further differentiation, which applies to all Plans, is the area of cover that customers wish to be covered for. Area 1 covers you for the whole world without exception and Area 2 excludes USA and Canada.


Other Important Characteristics of MultiCare

  • MultiCare is a truly international medical plan. Each customer can select the country of treatment within the selected area of cover.

  • Outside Area of Cover. We provide cover for emergency treatment even if you are outside of your area of cover.

  • Direct Settlement of In-Patient Hospital Bills. In order to alleviate our clients of the burden of paying large amounts of money and then waiting to be reimbursed, we have created the “direct settlement network” of over 11.000 medical providers worldwide through which in patient bills can be settled.

  • International Emergency Medical Assistance. International Medical Assistance offers worldwide coverage and it is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year in emergency situations, providing evacuation and repatriation services. In cases where insufficient medical assistance is not available in the country you are visiting they will transport you to the nearest country where the correct medical treatment can be applied, whether it be by road transportation or air ambulance.

  • Parent Accommodation. MultiCare provides parent accommodation in the child’s hospital as long as the hospital is within the area of cover.

  • Ambulance Transport. This benefit is to cover road ambulance for emergency transportation.

  • Nursing-at-home. Because we recognize how important is the recovering at home, MultiCare offers nursing at home from a registered nurse immediately following in-patient or day care treatment.

  • There is no age limit to exit the scheme. There is no limit as to the age that you have to exit the scheme. Our oldest client is 90 years old.

Basic Benefits

  • Full Compensation of Claims. You are fully compensated for your doctor and medical claims as long as they are included within the benefits of the plan chosen and they are considered to be reasonable and customary.

  • Cover for Diagnostic Procedures and Alternative Medical Treatment. With MultiCare you are covered for Medical practitioner charges, consultations and treatment, diagnostic procedures, physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, homeopathy and osteopathy, psychiatry and accidental damage to teeth.

  • Cover for newborn babies. MultiCare offers cover for newborn babies as long as they join within three months of the day of birth.














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